Remember how I was talking not long ago about getting a tankless water heater? Well, thanks to the inheritance from my parents we are also (at this moment):

1. Buying solar panels (which will pay for themselves in a little over 10 years).

2. Getting the house painted (It really needs it, as the previous owners did a dab and splash before we bought it. Currently cream/yellow, it’s going to be a dark gray/blue, somewhat Tardis-like, most likely).


3. Getting the awful gutters redone (so guests won’t have to walk through a wall of water getting to the front door).

4. Getting a tree removed (it will age into firewood for our fireplace) (the tree is now down and segmented, and I need to move its mortal remains into the garage).

5. Getting our chimney rebuilt (before a brick falls and breaks a solar panel/kills someone.

Home improvement. It’s insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!