The Halfpence has always been big on books, and we read a lot. I've noticed lately that he's started trying to sound out words and tell stories from memory while reading, so I figured it would be a good time to look into some great books to help push him along.

I bought some dorky little paper books at Target but I am curious if anyone has recommendations? I know nothing about child development, but I certainly want to nurture his.

Also, when do kids start to enjoy reading chapter books without much in the way of pictures? I might try doing this even though it's a little advanced (he's 3.5) and would love to hear any recommendations for this as well!

Some books he's been enjoying lately are The Day The Crayons Quit, Big Bad Bubble (same guy who did Dragons Love Tacos) and Have You Seen My Dragon? The last I picked up for him in NYC when I was there last, and even though it's super simple, he LOVES it and I would highly recommend it.