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When Men Claim to be Feminists Just to Abuse Women

  • They share well-known feminist work to prove they’ve read it, but never search out other work by women in a genuine attempt to better understand the issues.
  • They take advantage of the fact that men’s voices are given more weight than women’s to boost their credibility.
  • They resent women who refuse to recognise them as feminism experts.
  • They get angry when their own sexism is pointed out.
  • They expect women to alter feminist spaces to fit them, instead of altering themselves to fit feminist spaces.
  • They rephrase women’s writing to present it as their own thoughts, without giving full credit to women’s work.
  • They think they have something more important to say about feminism than anything women have already said.
  • They explain feminism to women, rather than to other men.
  • Constant demands for a cookie (extra points for a celebrity feminist cookie!)
  • They talk over women who call out sexism rather than supporting them, because they have to be the hero.
  • They’ll be more upset that this article could hurt male allies than that men are using feminism to damage women.

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