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This story is making the rounds on my social media. Since i'm off and on today, apologies if it's already been shared.

I like the author's comment at the end of the story:

Holly Fisher isn't a suicide bomber, and the online commentary about her photo is—as far as I can tell—exclusively an unconstructive, sarcastic, ad hominem back-and-forth between extreme partisans. But still, after a holiday in which we use huge explosions to celebrate a country that regularly kills people abroad with missiles and bombs, perhaps even the nonextremist patriots among us might see the aesthetic overlap between the two images above and engage in some self-reflection about the potential consequences of aggressive national pride.


Here's the pic for those who don't want to click through.

Okies, i'm off to get a medical procedure done, i'll try to check on my phone when I can. Please keep it civil and insightful since i won't be able to babysit this post like I prefer to do! :)

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