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Welcome To The Bitchery
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When People Ask for Help and then DISREGARD YOU

So. I write. I am paid to write, edit, proofread, and generally otherwise assist with the written word in a variety of aspects*. Most of the time I am dealing with other writers, helping them parse through things, and it's a really fun thing to do. A lot of the time I am writing unbearable copy. Other times I nanny. I digress. I HATE when people (friends and fam) ask me to edit things for them and then proceed to make excuses for why they've made shitty decisions or how what they're doing is actually better than my idea. Fine. But then don't ask me for help. I quite honestly do not give a single shit about your essay/article/newsletter. I have 23 emails with over three attachments each to edit and return by Tuesday (it's not bad, but it's something I have to do! Something that keeps me from reading GT and filing my nails!) and I would rather be getting that done then trying to tell you to no avail that your article on Caddis Fly hatches makes no chronological sense. So anyways, I'm off to help my dad edit and type his Caddis Fly article. Wish me luck not fucking exploding. I don't correct him when he helps me with my taxes!

*You would not know this from my GT posts because I am a total slob here who just capitalizes and misspells and doesn't edit unless it's important and I've written something like "Beyonce's dong" instead of "Beyonce's song". Sorry.


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