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When people make the same dumbass face in photos and you're like:

Like duckface is a classic example, but I'm not talking about that. There's this person I know who often has this winky-face, tongue sticking out to the side thing going on in her photos. I mean, she's like 20 or 21 (around my age), so at least she's not doing this as a grown-ass woman. But at the same time, it looks dumb as shit. I know it's a cutesy thing to do, but IT'S NOT CUTE. It'd be cute if she was, like, 13.

Oh, and once my friend stumbled upon a chick's Facebook who she had a mutual friend with, and all of her pictures (I'm talking about like 99% of them) were of her with the same bizarre face: half of her tongue sticking straight down out of her mouth. Like no smiling, just her tongue. And not in a "I'm so rock-and-roll!!1!11" way. She looked constipated. It wasn't even to be funny or to be weird. This was, straight up, her go-to facial expression to use in photos. We spent a good 30 minute analyzing the pictures and the comments on them ("you're soooo hot!!" - said in a non-joking matter). It was very confusing. Why anyone would find that expression attractive is puzzling to me. (And to clarify—I'm not questioning her actual physical attractiveness, just the dumb face she kept making.)


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