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When people pretend their opinions are facts... tw: racism

Might want to mix yourself a drink before hitting play on either of these videos.

I don’t know how*, but for some reason I am now subbed to multiple hairdressers on youtube. I’m not even the type of person who does my hair every day or puts that much thought into it, but here I am. These hairdressers are entertaining as fuck, and my favorite sub-genre is when they do reaction videos. WELL GUYS. STRAP IN. Cause some white guy made a dumbass video (actually series, cause I think at this point he’s trying to get his foot all the way down his throat, into his stomach, and out his colon) about “dirty” hair, and of course he singled out black women. Pretty much everyone I follow is talking about this, and posting reaction videos mocking him. Which I enjoy. Let’s mock the racists and point out their ignorance whenever possible.


I’m not linking to his video cause fuck him. I did go to his page and basically his entire brand seems to be “I am the grand judge of all women and they should all do the things that I like.” So...now you don’t have to visit his page.

I will link one of my favorite hairdresser reaction videos to it, cause I think she covers it -

He’s so offensive to the point where you know it has to be on purpose, and at the end she calls him out for that. But at the same time - I can 100% believe that someone is not only that ignorant, but so sure and smug about it.


I’m glad the comments to her video are good, because this isn’t her first call-out. She’s reacted to other youtubers before. The first one she did she had to close the comments because she kept getting hate, but that video is gold too so I’ll link as well.

In both of them though...the people are so wrong and yet so sure of themselves. It’s something to watch.

Edit: Also, I love her makeup in this last one. Her makeup is always nice, but here in particular it’s amazing.


*Actually yeah I do. It’s the youtube algorithm getting me hooked on different genres.

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