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So I just glanced at Tweet Beat, and I gotta say, the exchange between Adam Pally and Christopher Mintz-Plasse kind of bummed me out (basically, if you didn't see it, CMP said something about Walter White being one of the best characters on TV and Pally sarcastically praised his edginess). Maybe I'm reading it wrong (*edit below), but into something else I've been thinking lately — how easy it is to get kind of mean in the context of short-form social media (blog comments included, and I don't exclude myself here because I've definitely made comments that I would hesitate to articulate).

I'm hardly the first person to make this observation, I know. But lately a friend of mine has been writing about how the seductiveness and the danger of the internet is that it allows you to exist outside of your body. When I think of how much of our communication is nonverbal and how easy it is to misunderstand language even in a normal email, I start to worry about if social media tools have given us space to be meaner, in a way that normalizes some unpretty behavior even in contexts outside of social media. Impatience, for one. The Pally-CMP tweets stuck a nerve with me for that reason — like ok, of course it's not groundbreaking to suggest that Breaking Bad is awesome, but why does everything everyone ever says have to be a revelation, even on Twitter?

I dunno, I get that I may sound like this:


...but this is something I'm struggling to put words and thoughts around, so if other folks feel like chiming in with observations, thoughts, or whatever else, please do.

*If they're friends, for example, I think the exchange would be a lot funnier.

ETA: I just googled, and it looks like they are in a movie together, so it probably is just ribbing between friends. Thus: not the greatest illustration of what I'm talking about, but hopefully people understand.

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