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When polled, almost half of men admit they would rape a woman

In the "probably not news" category of news, New York Magazine has today published an article quoting a study that finds that, in a so-called "consequence-free environment," nearly half (44%) of all male respondents said they would rape a woman.

What's perhaps even worse, though equally unsurprising, was the male respondents' confusion about what constituted rape - while only 13.6% admitted that they would rape a woman if they could get away with it, 31.7% said only that they would "force a woman to have sex" if there were no consequences. It seems that the consent and rape education campaigns that several cities and countries (as well as college campuses) have launched in recent years have not quite explained to 30% of men that forcing a person to have sex is the actual definition of rape.

Take heart, though, ladies: fully 6 out of 10 men you meet DON'T want to rape you! How's that for a refreshing change of pace?


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