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When "dates" don't comprehend how far you live...

So I mentioned before I'm not really "dating" as much as I've been looking for people to hang out with on occasion. This guy said he'd like to go on a date with me. This is basically the 3rd time he's asked me out but officially said it was a "date". Every time I have to make an "excuse" he says "It's ok don't worry about it". Not sure if he's really ok with it or what...

For me it is not serious and I mainly went out looking for people to text with and maybe talk on the phone with. I have to explain to people all the time that 1) I do not live in the city, I live almost an hour away 2) I have no real job this summer 3) I drive a SUV that takes up more gas than my old car did. I don't mind having to explain these things because people cannot read my mind, but when guys kind of keep trying and they don't seem to "get" it, it can be frustrating. I understand it may be hard to "date" someone that lives far, but the 3 three things I listed above are some of the main reasons why I made it clear I was not looking to date or get into anything serious.


I am going out with someone Thursday night that I went out with once last year. He's nice and cute and we like a lot of the same types of shows and movies so he would be fun to hang out with.

The problem was that I am going to something tomorrow that I committed to over a week ago, then Thursday night with that guy, and then this guy that's asked me out 3 times wants me to do something Friday or Saturday. That's 3 times in the city in one week= over half a tank of my gas.


I was probably kidding myself thinking I could just chat and have good conversation with some men folk without turning this into a dating marathon that I used to do a lot when I had a job in the city. Now I don't have a job in the city and now it's just not a convenience. Plus, things have changed since then. =/

Well, there goes this whole plan.

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