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When Schools Fail their Students

This is my alma mater. I loved my four years there. The student body was wonderful and many of the faculty and administration truly cared about providing a caring, intellectual, and safe community for the students.

But sad, horrible mistreatment of sexual assault reports can happen anywhere. This is something that we've all learned; that as women we're never truly safe.

I am so angry at the school I love. I am so proud of Anna. And I am proud of the students and alums making their disgust known in public and on social media. While the school obviously failed this young freshman woman, I take some solace in knowing that so many alums are not ok with letting this continue. Since private institutions rely heavily on alumni donations, hopefully the outrage can help accomplish something.


I am glad we are taking sexual assault and its treatment on college campuses seriously in the media. I am not happy with how bad the problem is.

Side note: I knew exactly what fraternity they were talking about long before it was identified in the piece. I remember as a freshman being warned by upperclassmen about that fraternity. "Don't go to parties there unless you want to get raped." I also knew some brothers of that fraternity; they were good guys.

ETA: the school is on twitter at HWSColleges

ETA 2: the article explains the two school set-up but gets it a bit wrong. Hobart and William Smith have different deans. However, Mark Gearan is the President of the combined colleges.


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