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We've all done this, right? As rational, intelligent adults we've revealed how little actual reasoning goes into some of our thoughts/questions.


Today, I share with you an example of Smart People Saying Dumb Shit (copyright, registered trademark, etc., etc.).

One example that HomeyHeart still giggles about happened 9 years ago. (Please accept this as proof that I normally don't say stupid shit: the fact that he remembers this incident from so long ago should show how rare it is for me to say such stupid stuff).


We were driving home on a sunny afternoon when the opening strains of "Jesse's Girl" came on the radio. "Jesse is a friend..."

To Homey's chagrin, I jacked up the radio and started warbling along. "Jesse's GUUURRRL, JESSE'S GUUUUURRRRL" Homey groaned in the passenger's seat.


At the end of my favorite line ("BUT THE POINT IS PROB'LY MOOT") I came to a dead stop. Mouth agape, eyebrows raised, I gasped and looked at Homey.

The sudden stop in the racket grabbed his attention. "What?"

"It just occurred to me!"

"What just occurred to you?"

And then, I said it. And as soon as I heard it out loud, I knew it was stupid:

"Do you think Rick Springfield and Bruce Springsteen are cousins? Oh."

Yep, that's right—in the same breath, I said "oh" because I heard how stupid the question was as it came out of my mouth. The stupidity was that obvious.


See, my adult brain did the math like this: "spring" in the last names + both musicians = related.

Homey pretty much died laughing: we're talking knee-slapping, eyes tearing, gasping for breath, straight up guffawing.


"Shut up! I heard it! Shut up!" I giggled along, though I knew I'd never live it down.

After he calmed down enough to breathe, Homey just looked at me and said, "You know, I don't actually think they are related, since they spell and pronounce their names differently."


"Fuck you!" The rest of the way home, Homey's shoulders shook as he tried to keep the laughter inside.

So tell me, what's your favorite story of a smart person saying/doing something dumb? Was it you or someone you know? No judgement! We've all done this! Right, guys? Guys?!

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