As you might remember, we recently had an open thread about stupid things we say/think that embarrass us.

Maybe it's plain ol' schadenfreude, but I LOVE failures of logic. The human mind makes the funniest connections! An extension of this is my love for Kid Logic.

We've all had that moment as adults when we realize something that totally made sense to us as kids does not make sense to anyone else. Like, at all.

So, let's get the week started with some laughs and share our favorite kid logic moments. They can be they yours, your kids', or someone else's altogether.


I'll start with one of my own:

You guys know the group Starship? They made this lil gem:

As you might know, Starship is actually an iteration of the group, Jefferson Airplane, of "White Rabbit" fame. The band went through a few names changes: Jefferson Airplane —> Jefferson Starship—>Starship. Ok, it's weird they'd change their names at all but three names isn't that much to keep track of, right? Unless you're a kid.


When I was little, I thought it went: Jefferson Airplane —> Jefferson Starship—>Starship—>Starship Enterprise. Apparently, I thought the performers of "Somebody to Love" had something to do with Captain Kirk?

I don't know how I got there but it was so obvious to me as a little kid that that's when people said "Starship Enterprise" they were talking about Grace Slick's band. I even argued with other kids on the playground about it. Like, what else could the word "starship" be referring to?!


So, how about you? What connections were so clear to you as a child that are laughable now? What crazy ideas do your kids have that make so much sense to them? Share your Kid Logic!