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When Someone Actually HELPS You Shop!

I try to look my best when I go shopping, so associates will come over and help me. No such luck about 98% of the time. Except today, got some excellent service!

So, I tried a few stores. I respect sales associates, and know they have a hard job.

Except in every store, I was literally the only person there. I mean, there were five associates wandering around, and I was looking like a lost puppy.


On my list was a department store. In the past, no one really came up to help there . So, I'm just looking at the racks, without hope.

"Hello! Do you need help miss?"

Ahhh! Is this real life?

"Yeah! Looking for something cute for summer, and maybe some cute but professional stuff for a conference. I need to spend only [x] amount though."

She was the sweetest. She lead me over to the more moderate labels, asked me about my style and how I wanted to look, and even about the conference. She asked my opinion on everything, and didn't try to push stuff on me. It was so cool!

Here's the dress I got (pictured with shoes bought at another store where I got equally great costumer service):


I asked her to be my personal shopper next time. She said no problem! I'm calling her next month because I gotta look hella good. As always (hair flip).


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