This woman I follow on Twitter has spent the evening going off about how useless a liberal arts education is. She’s writing a paper for her husband’s gender studies class, because he’s too busy hanging out with his buddies to do it. She wants to know why her husband, who is an aspiring filmmaker, needs to take a class about feminism. Oh I don’t know - because it’s one of the largest social movements of this and the last century, and the representation of women onscreen/the inclusion of women behind the camera is a huge issue in the industry? She also keeps talking about how the humanities are unnecessary bullshit. First of all, she’s in marketing, and exactly what is so much more interesting and necessary about that is lost on me. Second of all, if your husband, who wants to make a career out of successfully telling stories to and about people, isn’t interested in history and literature and the arts and philosophy, ie: people, maybe he should consider a different career.

Also, I read a treatment of a script her husband is working on. It was terrible! It was like that movie The Box, with some religious allusions mixed in. Because it also had some references to audience complicity in on screen violence, I asked him if Funny Games had been one of his reference points. He’d never heard of Funny Games, or of Michael Haneke. And that’s what happens when people who want to be filmmakers are too full of themselves to care about studying their field.

I really hope her husband gets a failing grade on that paper.

Maybe I’m just being petty and judgmental but people dissing the humanities sends me into such a rage.