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Welcome To The Bitchery
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When the door closes, who opens the window?

Hey y’all I’m once again coming to you with a request for inspiration and/or commiseration. To everyone who is newish here, let me give you a small update:

- Up to two years ago I was a decently earning Designer, that got a pretty severe burnout that I’m still recovering from. I was expertly manoeuvred out of my steady employment (over here if you have a steady contract your employer is legally bound to keep you on if you are ill for up to 2 years) and became unemployed and now fall under ‘social security sick leave’ so the state now pays for me to be sick.. Basically.  


- I now spend my time making art and hoping I can turn that into something of side business. I know chances of that are slim but it gives me energy, something to do and might help me regain my strength so I can one day get something of a job maybe again one day. With the occasional small freelance job. If I pool everything I’ve earned over the last year that would be able to pay for my expenses for 1 month. So.. not a lot :P

- A year ago my beloved boyfriend (a Developer) also got burned out. I saw it coming but I wasn’t able to help prevent it (no other person can) but his employer kept supporting him very well for the last year. Now they’ve let him know that they probably won’t be able to renew his contract this year. Which would mean that both of us might end up unemployed and not well. He’s currently working about 24 hours (out of 40) but hasn’t worked on client projects for a year (which is part of the reason they can’t keep him on)


Both of us wonder if we want to remain in our current industries or roles, despite them being profitable and being the easiest way to support ourselves. It might mean re-educating to a different sector (boyfriend is considering things like wood-working or music, I would like to go into art but that might be more of a dream than a proper course of action), or start building our own products/apps but we aren’t business savvy enough to know how to make money from that. We’ll probably have to look for a different rental home but without income, you can’t apply to rental homes so.. Well, there are a lot of unsurities (its a word.. now) as you can see :)

In any case!
I know many people have taken moments just like this one to make changes to their lives. The whole “when one door closes a window opens” spiel. So I was curious if anyone here has had any experiences like that.

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