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When the Mr. loses his wedding band

Update: He found his ring...sometime in May? Anyway, he now has a ring of duct tape around the part of the ring that sits towards his palm to keep it secure. We did buy ring snuggles from Amazon, but the first one fell off and he decided duct tape was the way to go!

........ORIGINAL POST.......

Mr. Diamonds lost his wedding band about a week ago and I’m slowly accepting that it may never be found. He was terribly distraught when he realized it was gone, and we agreed not to make any rash decisions while we were both sad/upset/frustrated/angry/grieving.


Mr. D went nuts when he realized it was gone, so my energy was focused on making him feel not as bad about it. But later I realized I really was very sad that his ring was gone. It may still show up somewhere around the house, but it seems less and less likely as the days go by. So I’m starting to move on and trying to figure out what our options are. I still have mine.

Note: Not really looking for “this is what you should do” advice; we’ll make a joint decision on what to do when we’re both ready for it. But this has happened to others, right? What did they/you do? I also just want reasonable minds to tell me that’s it’s really not that big a deal.

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