I have said several times before that the UK is pretty good in terms of anti-racism, and for the most part aggression based on the colour of other people's skin is fairly rare. What does get Little Englander's snorting over their copy of the Daily Mail is foreignness; we simply don't seem to like things that are different from the status quo (which is straight and middle class). A black man in a suit is going to be significantly more accepted than a white traveller or a light-skinned woman in a hijab. We are inherently suspicious of people with accents or very different political or religious views, and ironically, given our history of imperialism, resent the influence of other cultures into our own, such as American culture or Pakistani culture.

The other problem we have is lad culture, which promotes binge drinking, rape culture and overall misogyny. I guess it is similar to the frat-culture in America, but without the requirement of popularity. The British stiff-upper lip prevents women from being accepted when they are upset or offended at lad-behaviour, and the 'it's just a joke' defence is used to defend university students who should know better. You all know this, I'm wasting my time explaining it; it's your standard, run-of-the-mill misogyny from 20-something year old white guys.

However, I just read this article: http://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/s…

Amazingly, the British reluctance to allow anything 'American' into our country seems to have stopped the desire to defend misogyny in the comments, at least so far. In an article that mentions Edinburgh banning Blurred Lines and has the word 'feminist' in it, people are actually accepting that the fraternity is misogynistic, and don't want them there. Freedom of speech hasn't even been mentioned.

Somebody get me a chair, I think I might faint.