Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I just suggested to Archibald that rather than continuing to reshare their comment about the NYT that they write a full post, which they did.

Full posts can't be unshared. I realize that sharing is easier. Too easy sometimes; I've accidentally shared things on my tablet. Wish there was a confirmation on share/publish operations (kinja gods are you listening?) But when someone is a PITA and decides for everyone that some comment isn't worth occupying the oh so massive paragraph of space on the main feed, it's time to fight fire with fire, IMHO anyway.

When your share is continually falling victim to someone's ill will, simply open up the compose window and do the following:

1) Title your post "Comment share about (Insert article title or article topic that you commented on here)"


2) Post the full comment in the post, or enough of it to get what the comment is.

3) Link to the comment - the context is important.

4) Publish

Congratulations, you've shared your deep thoughts with all of GT in a way that trolly mc trollganauts no longer have the power to stop you.

To the person unsharing, the reshare wars that occur are guaranteed to be more annoying/useless than the comments you're unsharing, so quit that shit right quick yo.

And if this is a bad suggestion feel free to lambast me in the comments, but if you do be witty about it and then be sure to share that witty takedown in the style described above.

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