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When Will the Nightmares End?!

I used to have terrible nightmare basically every night. I'm pretty high strung, gullible and I scare easy. I was the same as a kid. I would have multiple nightmares every night for months. It got better as I got older with it only happening weeks on end. Now I only have a few a month.

I have been having nightmares every night for 2 weeks!


I am so tired of bad dreams! I do everything I'm supposed to! I think happy thoughts before bed. I try to watch something funny and light hearted before bed. I think of all my dreams and wishes before bed.
Then I fall asleep and this happens:

Don't want.

I'm tired, and exhausted, and now it's starting to be hard to be positive before bed, because I'm getting scared to fall asleep again.
And it's not just, fall asleep, bad dream, wake up, go back to sleep and everything is fine. It happens at least 3 times a night. Plus, once you wake up from a scary dream you're freaked out and every shadow looks like a man is standing there, or a demon is lurking on the ceiling, or an alien in crawling through the window. So I lay there and tremble and snuggle into Mr.Dude's back and try not to think about how my back is exposed perfectly for long sharp claws to sink into!


And right now, I'm in beach house in the middle of nowhere on Galveston Island. Where no one would hear me scream (also, they wouldn't hear me because Mr.Dude has sleep apnea and snores like an angry dragon). Does anyone else suffer from bad dreams? Anyone have any awesome dreams they would like to share?

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