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When women act threatening vs when men do

A 13-Year-Old Girl Was Arrested For Making A Finger Gun And Pointing At Other Students

The Westridge Middle School incident is not the first of its kind. A Colorado first-grader was suspended in 2015 for making a finger gun and telling a classmate “You’re dead.” In 2014, a 10-year-old in Ohio was also suspended for reportedly pointing a finger gun at another student’s head. In 2018, a Pennsylvania man was found guilty of disorderly conduct for pointing a finger gun at his neighbor. However, this latest incident appeared to be the first finger gun incident to result in a felony charge.

All those other instances were men/boys.

This made me reflect on how much we forgive when it comes to men. Several of the most recent (male) school shooters were well-known bullies. A couple of them abused ex-girlfriends. But I’m sure everyone made excuses for that behavior at the time. Probably had sympathy for the men more so than their victims.


Based on the article, it seems like they do have reason to believe this girl may try something. But I wonder if the students/faculty/police would have acted so quickly if it were a boy. We seem to forgive violent tendencies when it comes to men, despite the fact that men commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes. We accept that violence is a male trait, but for some reason absolve it.

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