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As an avid nerd, I love sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction. I always have and I probably always will. Clearly, much enjoyment around these genres is the ability to suspend disbelief. I can completely buy dragons, magic, anthropomorphism, omnipotent beings, aliens, and time travel without a second thought.

When I started binge watching Outlander yesterday, which I had previously avoided as a serialized romance novel (it is, but I love it), I realized I have a very human drop off when it comes to the suspension of disbelief: dental hygiene. (Side note: it should be illegal for anyone to be that attractive. ILLEGAL.)


I cannot buy that these people would have such nice, white teeth. And then, I start thinking about how stinky and unsexy wet wool is and all of a sudden, the time travel by magic is plausible but everything else is not. Especially that Jamie's hotness. Seriously, he's more fictitious than the stone circle being enchanted. NOT REAL.

Where do you struggle with your suspension of disbelief?

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