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Broke my foot at work Wednesday night. The ER doctor gave me percocet as a back up to OTC ibuprofen. I discovered after I took the first pill that despite the really really shitty side effects there was something about it I really liked. And that scares me.

I think it’s the not caring. That night I was in pain and freaking out about all the work I was going to lose and how I was going to gain back the weight I’d lost and how tight money is right now and I can’t afford to be out of work and what if the damage is so bad I’ll never be able to have a work-on-your-feet job again....but then the drugs kicked in and I was giggly and calm and all of that scary stuff could wait.

Yesterday I ended up taking a bunch of Ibuprofen and staying away from the percocet. I thought about that pill most of the day cuz I missed that feeling. And the news was awful.


The pain was really bad when I woke up, so I took my second Percocet. And now I’m sleepy and calm again. Despite all of the awfulness in the news and being cooped up in my apartment with little to eat everything bounces off me. I’m super chill right now.

And this worries me.

Thank God the prescription she gave me for that drug was tiny.

Anyone else have that feeling after the first time? Is this normal?

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