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When you didn't know a relative was cool about politics

My Dad's cousin (whom we are close to) has understandably always kept his mouth shut at holidays. I always suspected he was cool, but never had any confirmation. He is very smart and an economics professor so he knows his shit. I have never seen him post anything but class-clown nonsense on Facebook, until today:

I just have to say... WOW.

They say that the "Financial Crisis" in the last decade brought on by banks reorganizing from partnership investment houses to corporate speculators bent on financial market piracy, deregulation like the removal of the Glass-Steagall Act, CDO's, CDS's, moral failure of the mortgage industry and ratings agencies, etc. resulted in the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Even so most Americans have little to say about it and have not demanded much in the way of retribution or prevention of future abuses.

But Katy bar the door if anyone criticizes DUCK DYNASTY! I have never witnessed such a swap of ignorance in my life. About our culture, the bible, the difference between the hebrew attitudes from the old testiment vs. the "Christian" attitudes of the new, about race relations in the south, the human phys of homosexuality, our constitution and free speech, employer rights, and damn near anything else you can imagine. All over a "reality" show that is the most contrived piece of nonsense imaginable..

He is in bumfuck Texas so he is in the thick of Moronville.


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