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So hi, I sold my house yesterday. It was a pretty big deal - it's been a bittersweet thing for me. I'm glad but sad because I bought this house all. by. myself. And I made it my own and learned how to fight with contractors. I became an official grown-up over the 12 years I've lived here.

Anyway, my sister called while I was meeting with my real estate agent.

I called her back and - as always - she does not answer the phone. She never answers the phone and if she calls you, something always comes up and she says she'll call you back and then she doesn't. So of course, she does not call me back. She does not email me or anything. Because you know, she has a kid. (also a husband but whatever.)


This is what gets me. I don't have kids. I am not married. So no one celebrates anything in my life. This is the same sister who, when I said Valentine's Day makes me sad b/c no one sends me anything, said that she would never send me a card because that's what I get for being single.

And yet, I'm supposed to be there for every kid event ever. I'm supposed to remember the birthdays and always bring presents and want to be part of my niece's life and babysit her even though she's a complete diva nightmare.

It just can't be all one way. Any way. I can "go me!" all I want, but it does kind of matter more when someone else is excited for you. tl;dr I sold my house and have no one to celebrate with b/c I'm not married and don't have kids.

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