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When you fall out of love with a Fandom... (NOT himym)

So I used to be a HUGE fan of a certain game series.

Lately, the story has been going in a direction I hate. It's not offensive or anything, I'd say that objectively it's still quite good, and in fact my friends still absolutely love it. But it manages to hit each and every one of my worst pet peeves with the precision of a surgeon.

I used to look forward to the updates with joy and excitement. Now, I find myself rolling my eyes a lot. I'm not even angry, I just don't care. That's what really saddens me... If I at least felt angry, that would show that I still love the series deep down. But I just feel indifferent and vaguely disappointed now.


I miss feeling happy and excited about the updates, discussing them with my friends, writing and reading fanfiction. I miss being a fan of that series.


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