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I'm not sure of the proper term for "Amazing awesome so chic wonderful woman who works at your favorite store", but here is an example-one of many-of the perfect customer service my favorite brand always delivers.

You may remember, what I now call, my 'Sobriety Purse'. Since I've been sober 20+ days this month, I went to Kate Spade (My favorite brand), and rewarded myself with a bag I use daily (And a new iPad, and they do have excellent customer service at Apple as well.)


I am a regular at this particular KS store, so they know me. Especially one woman. Yesterday I got the kindest note in the mail. I love it.

Same with my spa. On my birthday, they wrote me a note (And gave me more 'samples'-i.e., a larger version of what most people get for their birthdays there) that was just so sweet.

It's the little things. I have only had extremely good experiences with both KS and the spa-Hell, the KS online help desk gave me a personal call to help me with a problem that I emailed about-and I really appreciate it.

So, that's my morning happy.

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