There are those moments on Kinja when someone has clearly been paying more attention to your inane and stupid posts than you ever pay to yourself. And you feel unnerved. I had one of those today just in the last hour, when in a conversation about the modern use of phones and phone calls someone said I should be dismissed because I’m an Ivy alumna who’s taken naked pictures with my boyfriend, and that was a low point for Kinja.

It shakes you up to realize anyone other than you, your mom, and your diary gives enough of a fuck about your life to keep track of gross details. And also: an educated woman and her feminist boyfriend choose to do something, enthusiastically and consensually, in their sex life: HORROR. Call the police!

What a low point for society and a woman-focused website. Eye roll to the point of muscle strain. Have any of you had these experiences when some random grey brings up bullshit from six months ago? And you’re like: you remember more about my life than I do, and this gives me the willies?

Tell me about it!!