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UPDATE: The book that this page comes from was written by a woman. My brain hurts.

A couple months ago I wrote about a coworker whose husband had left her and how it was difficult to find the right words to say when everyone but her thought he was an emotionally abusive asshole. Well, she has slowly come to see the warning signs we did, and this morning she showed us something he posted on Facebook that made her finally see how lucky she was that he was out of her life.


The title of the book is warning enough: MAN LEADS... woman follows, Everyone Wins (I find the capitalization especially interesting).

The list can easily be summarized as: “Women, be doormats who come second in all ways to your husband, and treat him as if he holds life or death power over you.” Oh, wait. Not just husbands. Every single man in her life. All men, at all times. You are to be a perfect submissive support to every human on earth with a penis.

Yep, divorce rocks.

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