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When You Realize You are Reenacting a Film

I was driving home from work this afternoon and American Girl by Tom Petty came on the radio. I was singing along and enjoying myself when I pulled into my apartment complex. My cat was sitting in the window, as I pulled my heavy school bag out of the car. Then, I realized I had inadvertently begun my own special Silence of the Lambs tribute. I looked around a lot to make sure no one with a broken arm was trying to get a couch into their van. Now that I am in my apartment safely, should I put lotion on?

I also used to work at a coffee shop and was heavier. We had a semi-regular who looked like Buffalo Bill and I always asked other people to help him in case he was just scoping me out for pattern making.


Lastly, this is the Silence of the Lambs inspired son that gets stuck in my head for days.

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