I’m putting in mindless data entry for the rest of the night, until like 11 PM. I’ve been working since 9 AM. Not an excuse - maybe gives a little more context.

As I was putting in data entry, I saw that someone had put in American for the racial/ethnic demographic box. Without thinking, I just clicked White/Caucasian on my drop-down box.


I didn’t even notice my mistake until I went back to check something else. I am not proud and I am ashamed. There are obviously problematic concepts that are plaguing my mind at a subconscious level. I call it a plague because that’s exactly what it is...harmful, contagious, can kill.

This was an eye-opening experience for me because my plague thoughts are seldom so RIGHT THERE in front of me. Usually I can try to shove them under the metaphorical carpet.

I’m going to keep working on them. Please continue to help me in the process, GT. You don't owe me that but I want to learn.