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When you really want to do something that might be bad for you

I really, REALLY want to see Gravity. I want to see it bad. Everyone is raving about this movie. It has a 98% Tomatometer rating! I love Sandra Bullock and I love George Clooney. I am a big fan of tense survival dramas. I am also a huge fan of the technical aspects of the movie; seeing it in IMAX 3D would be amazing. Pretty much 100% on board with every aspect, except one: the setting. I have an irrational but intense fear of space. The blackness, the harshness, the lack of sound, the lack of atmosphere, the lack of being on Earth, all freak me out. I can't imagine being an astronaut. My husband talks about wanting to go on one of those VirginSpace things one day and I just look at him like he's actually from outer space. Why would you choose to go into a void? My fear is that I am going to go to this movie and end up having nightmares for a month. Like, screaming, waking-up-drenched-in-sweat nightmares.

I guess what I'm saying is... I kind of hate my brain right now.


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