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When you recieve a nice email out of the blue...

I lived in NZ for a year about 5 years ago. I lived with two roommates in a pretty cool house and we all worked together. One of them I never really hung out with and the other, we spent quite a bit of time together and we had most of our friends in common. I wouldn't say we were super close. He always kept me at a distance and was sort of uncool when I was slut-shamed by some friends of his after I had slept with one of them. He did eventually stand up for me quite a bit when things got a little out of control. I guess I have never had particularly negative thoughts about him and despite some hard times and serious learning moments, I had a great time living there. But, now... maybe five years later and always being FB friends over the years, I got this. It's really sweet I think.

It's nice growing up.

Hey dude,

Kinda weird and out of the blue, but I just wanted to say how awesome it is to see you doing so well and having such a happy life. I know you didn't have the best time in NZ at time, and I'm ashamed to say I was probably a part of that, so I'm sorry. But yeah, again, it's amazing to see how well you're doing and it makes me want to lift my 33 year old game! Keep it up dude!


ANNNND weird message done :)

Take care

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