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When You Work With People - Advice How To Self Care

Seriously, if someone else gets cancer, I might just have a meltdown.

This term has been TERRIBLE for my student’s personal life wise. I have 3 deaths/sickness (one student’s Mom died, it was awful), some mental health issues ( and they were hard ones), and some accidents (siblings/friends getting hurt with stays in hospital).

I’m the teacher the students come and talk to. I am okay with this, my personality is completely that type of person that everyone unloads too and wants to chat with. But this semester has been particularly rough.


Beyond going back to therapy, does anyone have tips on how to self care in these kinds of situations? We don’t exactly get resources to help us with this. This semesters crop of crap has been heavy and I need a bit of help rejuvenating.
Any advice?

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