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When Your Coworkers Are Dicks (This Is a Venting Post)

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I have a coworker (no, not that one), that annoys the crap out of me, in that she actively avoids seeing clients, actively attempts to shove off her work on me, and rather enjoys being condescending, and bossing me around. Please allow me to explain.

At my job, everyone has a file to which they are assigned clients. These clients are given a “first contact” meeting, where we try to determine what kind of help they need, and how best to administer it. This is usually done when they first arrive in our offices.


Today, one of the people in my group was out. Each day, we appoint someone to oversee our group, and see the clients of a person who does not show up, if such a thing happens. Today was a-hole coworker’s day to do this (please note: she generally does not do these meetings in office. She usually does these over the phone, and her clients only come into the office to provide necessary documentation). Now, I have already been working on the client file of a person who has taken a short leave of absence, and am seeing her clients for “first contact meetings.” At about 8:30 in the morning, a new client shows up for one of our other absent people, and a-hole coworker goes “LogicFail, go see absent person’s client now,” to which I respond “it’s not my day to do that, it’s your day, and I am already busy with another absent person’s cases and clients.”

She ignores me, orders me to do it again . . . then proceeds to blip out of existence for well over an hour.

When she finally comes back, and sees the client still there, she is fuming. The following is an approximation of our exchange on the phone:

LogicFail: It isn’t my day to do that. I reminded you it was your day. We have a schedule for a reason.
LF: But I didn’t.
A.H.C.: *click*


A.H.C.: *5 mins later, after ringing me up again* I am leaving this client at this interview area, so when you are ready you will come and see her.
LF: *silence* Thinking to self- wow, you really think you can strong-arm me into doing your job for you. Mkay.
A.H.C.: *click*

Sometime after lunch (our lunches are 1 hour, she came back from lunch well over an hour late), I go to see the clients in the office for my coworker on leave. A customer service person comes up to me and asks who is seeing the clients for the other person absent today. I tell her A-Hole Coworker. Just then, A.H.C. walks by yelling “we have already discussed this! We decided LogicFail would handle all ‘first contact’ meetings, and I would handle all walk-in clients. I am tired of going back and forth with you on this!”




I then proceed to call my boss’s boss (my boss is not in the office on Mondays, lucky her). A-Hole Coworker is called into our on site HR, and when she gets back she finally fucking sees these clients.

Now normally, I wouldn’t have bothered going that far, as I don’t mind doing favors for people, but this clearly wasn’t “just a favor,” my boss wasn’t in house, this bitch is hella stubborn, and I have met my upper limit in terms of the amount of bullshit I will put up with at this office.


My question: did I handle this okay? I have not handled things with this woman well at all in the past (I have “jokingly” told her to go fuck several trees, she has “jokingly” told me I have no friends, and that she wants to choke me. Yes, I know, inappropriate, but she kind of gets under my skin in a way that no other person at this office has, except for that guy I kinda wanna bang).

Now I am wondering just how much longer I will have to put up with this crap before I finally get to my new job in a different department.

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