*Possible TW - rape, crazy militant warfare*

A few of my Facebook friends are on a role today with posting some fucked up news stories tonight. And I mean in a reality is horrible way, not in a Tea Party is ruining America, or Jesus Saves Us From Having Consequences From Our Actions way.

One friend posted this highly disturbing article about the Navy's new laser weapon. I really wanted to make a Dr. Evil/sharks with lasers joke, but this really isn't something you joke about.

Another friend is posting a bunch of stuff from Filming Cops. All her posts were about women getting raped by cops. This one specifically stuck out (mainly because I could not handle any more horrible after reading the article, the supporting articles, and the comments).


Added to the fact that the book I'm currently reading is the End is Nigh (which I was enjoying before today and has a lot of interesting short stories), I just want to run away to a self sustaining compound far, far away, with guns that I know how to shoot.


So, GT island? How's that looking?