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Man, this is going to sound mean, but do you sometimes want to go up to your favorite writer, musician, actor etc and just slap the shit out of them?

I'm a huge Neil Gaiman fan. Read everything, met him three times, just a huge fan. I think he's an incredible writer and a really good person. But DEAR GOD does his relation with the screeching harpy that is Amanda Palmer make me want to smack him across his polite, hangdog British face.

I don't pretend to know better than he does and I want him to be happy, but her? Really? I'm not one of those weird fans who thinks "he should be with me!!!!" (the very idea makes me shudder) but his association with Palmer really drags him down and makes him incredibly more difficult to enjoy. Like, some of it comes off as creepy now. He just announced on his Twitter that Palmer is three months pregnant and I just want to vomit in a corner.


I mean, bless you Neil, but you are 54 years old. You have three prior children who are all in their 20s and 30s. I just... I mean... and with Palmer? She's insufferable as a person but can you imagine how much she'll level up in annoyance when she can do the smug mother act? Ugh. UGH I TELL YOU.

Does anyone else hear something about a favorite person and just go "EXCUSE ME WHAT?"

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