Disclaimer - This is all very first world, inane problems. I know that. I just need some "there, there, it'll be fine" and maybe some pro-pet cleaning tips.

Sometimes life can be frustrating. Today was a day where everything annoyed the crap out me. I realized, checked my period tracker app, and oh, a lot of it might be PMS. Like starting my day pissed off and sad because I couldn't find my sunglasses (which is super rare because I don't loose that shit. But I found them when I got home). Or me wanting to hulk smash because other people are doing their jobs half-assed, to the point that it took more of my time than if they hadn't done anything at all. But they do other things that I would have to deal with if they weren't here. I just miss the person they replaced, who was so much better. It also made me able to shut my brother down when he asked me again to do the leg work on his Christmas gift for him. I'm pretty sure he'll ask again in a few days, but I gave him enough death glares to shut it down for a minute. I'm actually expecting his girlfriend to contact me about it, but she's awesome, so I won't mind.

But Wednesday is my favorite pop culture entertainment day, so I let that shit go. I stayed at work late so I could listen to Pretty Light's show on Sirius Electric Area on the drive home. Survivor is on, and over confident douche got booted in a way that made me cackle with glee. There was a new The 100, which was once again really great, even though it was criminally lacking Raven. These are the things that can make the worst day not matter.

So, after getting my fave pop culture fixes, I went to take a shower. I went to my bedroom first to get clothes and discovered that my dogs had vomited all over my bed. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was just one dog, because he does this every few months. Either he eats too quickly or finds a paper towel/toilet paper and goes to town. It was over every layer. Luckily, my memory foam mattress came with an amazing cover, and it didn't leak through the cover. So bed is stripped, bedroom door is closed, and I'm sleeping on the couch. Weeeee.

I'm currently soaking the cover and top sheet in the washer. I added detergent and pet enzyme stuff on the warm/cold setting, and letting it soak for awhile until I run it on heavy soiled setting (so much vomit). Any other tips?

And the dogs are probably coming to work with me tomorrow, which sucks because separately, they're fine in the car, but together, it's almost dangerous because they both demand all the attention, and it's almost a 40 minute drive.