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Uggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh my friend just got engaged to her total asshole boyfriend. He is a drunk, gets in trouble all the time for not paying child support, has TWICE injured her in drunk driving accidents, says he doesn’t want kids with her (which she does want) because his children whom he doesn’t see are, and I quote, “fucking weird,” one of those guys who only has “bitches” as exes, and, most of all, has her cry herself to sleep all the time because he threatens to leave her.

He cut down our friend’s avocado tree at a party. He put a partially paralyzed wiener dog in the back of a pickup truck for a 14 hour road trip. He punched a teenager in the face who was mouthing off in the street.

She has a pretty severe case of the “I’m gonna die alones” and I wish she didn’t. This is a woman who tried to convince our friend to give a guy a chance who served time for raping, beating, and kidnapping his wife. She wants kids and she won’t get them from him and I just wish she valued herself more.



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