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When Your Job Eats Your Soul a Little

I am doing Valentines' Day-specific Facebook ads right now for the place I work (we teach art classes and people give them as gifts a lot). I hate Valentines' Day because duh, but what's worse is that I am sitting here, making ads that target men to do something nice for their lady.



The targeting with FB ads already kind of eats my soul, but I have come to a peaceful place with it, conceptually, but this really aggravates me. Our marketing director gave me these instructions. I am trying to use the terms "special someone" and no pronouns but I keep running out of space for words...


I think I am going to defy her orders and do an ad that targets men and an ad that targets women - I mean, even in a heteronormative, "typical" situation, I'm sure a woman might see the ad and be like, "I want that!" and tell her SO.

Also, if I don't target women at all, I'm completely leaving out lesbians. Not to mention people who don't identify as either male or female - you don't have to target by gender, but if you want to, your only choices are male and female.


What annoys me even more, is that I know the stupid way is going to make us the most money.


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