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When your neighbor is in the news

tw: police violence and random assault

Today a reporter from the Wall Street Journal knocked on my door to ask if I had heard about my neighbor. I hadn’t, because I don’t read a lot of news and don’t know all my neighbors by name. It turns out that someone living in my building was shot by the police this morning, in what seems to be self defense. Other articles had a picture of the guy, from when the police were searching for him as a suspect in other attacks yesterday. He looked familiar, like someone I might have chatted with waiting for the elevator or thanked for holding a door. I didn’t know his name or where in the building he lives.


I’m creeped out by this whole thing. I’m a friendly person, I chat with my neighbors when I see them outside or in the building. I don’t know their names, but I know bits and pieces about a lot of them. I know nothing about this guy, but now I’m worried being friendly, even in my own building. I don’t like it.

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