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When Your Parent Doesn’t Get Along With Your Sibling

Some advice needed on what to do about my mom and my older sister. They don’t get along at all in the first place but their enmity was recently exacerbated by an incident last year in which both parties were wrong but neither will admit fault.

My mom was the more wrong of the two but she claims she has no idea what she did wrong. After countless attempts to explain it to her, I’ve given up as has my younger sister who also agrees that my mom was the one mostly at fault.

The incident basically broke what was already a relationship on fragile ground. My mother is convinced that my older sister hates her and doesn’t want her around no matter what she does. My older sister is frankly confused about why my mom won’t just let it go and behave normally. Older sister has decided that my mom just hates her for no reason and she’s dealing with my mom for the time being because she’s living near her to watch her new baby.


They’ve both reached Bitch Eating Crackers level.

That would be enough of an issue without them constantly coming to me and my younger sister with their whining and bitching about each other.

I constantly get texts and calls from them enumerating various minor petty complaints about each other. I usually don’t say much back other than, ‘I understand that you need to vent, blah blah whatever’. But I’m sick of it.


It’s mostly my mom too. She’s constantly on the warpath about my older sister and I’m really really tired of hearing it. She should be better than this. I’m 30 years younger than her and I wouldn’t dream of holding grudges against family members but my mother doesn’t trust anyone, even us.

Older sister will sometimes say things to me but she’s really busy with school and the baby so its not nearly as often as my mom. I feel like all my mom does all day (even when she’s watching the baby) is think about the various ways my older sister has allegedly wronged her.


Is there anything I can do to get them to stop treating me like the dumping ground for their petty nonsense?

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