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Welcome To The Bitchery
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When your parents call you fat

I honestly want to die right now. I went to see my dad for a few hours because I was in town and I felt obligated even though everytime I go I end up leaving pissed off or sad or missing my mom a ton (she died 3 years ago). When I got there, my aunt said I looked thin. My dad then said I was getting fat. Then he said it again at the airport with an added "stop eating".

So...this is completely fucked up. I just do not understand why he does this. Not that it matters at all, but I am not even remotely overweight. I am not a size double 0 anymore, like I was in HS, but I am on the low end of the normal BMI and just...not overweight. I am actually in really good shape right now, I exercise a lot and eat well and Id lost a lot of the weight I gained when I was having thyroid issues. But, I happen to have sort of thick legs which I guess is what fat is to my father.


So now, my flight is delayed and I am trying not to bawl my eyes out at the airport. I've been working really hard and I was feeling good and now this. How the hell do I get this out of my head?

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