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When Your Parents Say...

"Want to see you!", "Well, we'll book your flight since your broke!", "Oh but you have to come on the day after a huge alumni event way early in the morning.", "Sorry but we won't be here [X] week because we're going on a vacation we never mentioned to you.", "And by the way, no idea how you're going to get to the city to interview that detective-you know, the one thing you've been happy about?", and..."You need to watch this HBO thing no not True detective, that was awful!"

This. Is. My. Life.

I thought I got away. But the only reason I want to go back to that place is to do an interview that plays to my personal interests and could help me determine a lot of things in life.


And the worst part? I know I'll be left to my own devices. I know that any 'family time' will either lead to a screaming match or "Wow, I gotta go!".

I know I won't even have my brother because he's always MIA. I know that I won't have people to 'chill' with because I don't have any friends up there.

I know I'll just be taking four hour naps and wandering around in a daze.

I know I'll be nagged about everything.

And they wonder why I never go home.

You may know the past issues I've had with them, and how they still try to exert control. This time-trust me I wouldn't be going back unless I had to-this time it's for one of the only things I'm passionate about.


And I'll be there for six days.

Yeah, I'm kinda at my breaking point even though it's two weeks away. Even on Skype, I'm ignored.


I have to remember, though: There is at least one good thing that is going to happen. Just that one good thing.

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