So I came home from work and the Geekboy was trying to sleep on the couch, the cats were meowing. Well I was going to take the cats in the living room so he'd be able to sleep. I asked if he wanted me to wake him and took the cats in the living room. I had to run downstairs to my car and I guess the cats started meowing again. I come upstairs and the Geekboy is all pissed off in the living room on his computer.

I ask him what's the matter, I was just looking for my BC pill. Well then he starts complaining and declares that he misses his bachelor pad. When he wanted to come home and sleep, he didn't have cats bothering him and no one bothering him with questions. I got up went in the bedroom and took the cats.

About an hour later, he comes in to the bedroom and asks what's going on. I told him I called my BFF (who's phone died and then didn't text me till forever) and was leaving him alone so he could be a Bachelor. I told him he hurt my feelings and we haven't spoken since. So that was my Monday night. The week has to get better.