Yes, you 20-30 somethings, I'm your living nightmare. Old and alone, with cats. Oh, and fat. I love those posts where you write about the horror of becoming me. Thanks!

Anyway. My aunt has asked everyone to send in a photo for a family collage. I am the only one in my family who is alone. It will be a giant collage of people who are married/engaged/have children/grandchildren.

And then there's me. The fat loser who is in her 40s.

I had a moment about it last night where I was all sad and lonely. But then I decided. Fuck those fucking bitches. I hate my family (which is mostly true) and if it's nice this weekend, I will have some joyous photo of me taken dancing in leaves or in a dead sunflower farm (I'm in Kansas) or .. I need ideas.

I need joyous photo ideas.