Hi, GT! (Hi, Dr. Nick!)

I like to describe myself as a Cute Deaf Lady, although I was born with perfect hearing. I was somewhere in my mid-20s when I realized that I was saying "...what?" A LOT. Or, I would answer to what I heard, whether or not that had anything whatsoever to do with what was actually said. After a number of misunderstandings and a drinking game based on What MadPiglet Thought You Said, I decided to get my hearing tested.

Hoooooooo boy. It was bad bad bad. The doctor recommended hearing aids but at the time I was 26 years old and not interested in hearing that (heh). So I didn't do anything about it, except to explain to people that I Cannot Hear, So Good Luck With That. I learned to read lips, which is a great party trick and makes televised sports way more fun.

Then I got knocked up. Decided it would be best if I could hear the baby, so I was re-tested at age 31 and things had gotten worse, so I got the hearing aids. I wept as they charged $6000 to my credit card because for whatever reason, hearing aids aren't normally covered by any insurance, which... ugh.

Now I'm 38 and I just got new hearing aids, which have changed my life. I'm still in a major period of adjustment but I can hear things I didn't think I'd ever be able to hear again, so that's both nice and annoying because the world is a beeping, squeaky place.

Anyway, I'm curious if there are any other of My Peeps out there and I'm especially curious as to what it is that you do for a job. I have been out of the workforce for over 7 years now, but it's not like I have a career to go back to. I was a Professional Temp, specializing in fast and accurate data entry. In this economy, the demand for such services is low, which is why I'm working part-time for a retail start-up. I'll likely stay there until they can afford to give me more hours/money but if I did need to go get a "real job" I have no idea what I would even be able to do. Anything entry-level or temp-level would likely require phones (nope) or similar and I just Don't Do Phones.


Eventually, I'm going back to school to finish my Useless Degree and then think about grad school or similar, but in the meantime, I'm curious about other folks.