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Where are teens hanging out now?

The post earlier this morning about malls got me thinking: Where are today’s teens hanging out?

When I was a teen (late 90's) it was 100% the mall. That’s just where you went the second you could drive or bum a ride. You’d get there, and it would be a flood of high schoolers finding cheap places to eat, looking at clothes, hitting up the music store, and hanging out in front of the movie theater pretending that you were going to see a show so that the security guards wouldn’t harass you.

I live in the same town, but if you hit up the mall (the same mall, even!), Friday and Saturday nights are pretty much adults or families. Clusters of teens are rare. Our town has no shortage of teens, so... where are they going?


My own teen is hardly a barometer, since he’s a huge homebody. Then again, a friend suggested that maybe all of the teens are online instead of at the mall? After all, you don’t risk some security guard getting up in your business if you’re just screwing around on Facebook.

People with access to teens: Is my area just weird?

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