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Where Are The Immigrant Young Children And Girls Being Separated At The Border?

The news this last week has been about places like the abandoned Walmarts where they are housing boys 10 to 17. News of a concentration camp (sorry but Michael Steele is right for naming these as Concentration Camps For Children) in Texas for boys 10 to 17.

Where are the under 10 and girls infants to teens?

I keep thinking of Bosnia where an important question at one point was asked “where are the men?”. Mass graves as it turned out.


Why does every instinct I have tells me this is the answer. The President has been dehumanizing people south of the Us border as “murderers and rapists”. He has called them animals. Sorry he was not just referencing MS13.

He openly admires dictators and dictators that kill tens of thousands of their citizens as being “tough” and “talented”.

Trump is cheap and called military exercises with South Korea as to expensive to do.

I have no doubt many of the new ICE members would not think twice in killing these children. Hitler found many men and women who thought nothing of slaughtering and torturing over 10 million in concentration camps. Americans are not immune from such depravity.


Jeff Sessions is using the Bible to justify removing children from their parents. Jeff Sessions is trying to get a court to allow insurance companies to not cover folks with preexisting conditions. He knows people will die. So why would he care if nonAmericans die? He would not.

I have this horrible fear we are seeing a new Bosnia right in this nation except the victims are young children and young teen women.


All the ingrediants are there for this to happen, labeling a group as dangerous including stealing livelihood,.the rise in bigotry, dehumanization.

Tell me I am wrong. Has anyone thought this?

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