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Where are the #notallmenners when you need them?

Regarding Janice Dickinson's interview about her rape at the hands of Bill Cosby, anomaly made an excellent point.

It's like where are the "not all men" people when women are being told things like "but why did you trust him," "why didn't you ask what the pill was." not all men folks only pop up when we're being cautious and trying to protect ourselves but then we're told "not all men are like that" and that we should "stop living in fear all the time" but then when we do try to live normal lives without the fear that any man at any time could rape us, the victim blaming crowd with "why didn't you ask what the pill was," "why did you accept a ride from him" pop up.

It's always the woman's fault. Never have I seen the not all men type person saying anything to people who blame the woman for being too trusting of a man and never have I seen victim blamers/shamer defend a woman who's being told she's stuck up or rude for being careful about the men she interacts with.


Indeed, where are the #notallmenners? Why aren't they defending Dickinson and the other women raped by Cosby for being trusting, and for not treating every man like a potential threat, huh? Where are they? (Or could it be—surely not!—that "not all men" is a purely self-serving excuse for men—only some men, of course—to duck responsibility for their own participation in patriarchal systems?)

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